Raksha Rao

Musician / Vocalist

Raksha Rao is a Carnatic vocalist who has been learning and performing Carnatic Classical vocal music for the past 15 years. She has given many concerts to large audiences both in India and in the US under the able guidance of her guru Shri Tirumale Srinivas (Chami sir). Raksha has released 4 albums and has lent her voice to several devotional music albums such as "Chants for Children" , "Ide Sumano Vanim", "Anarghya" and many more. Though trained in Carnatic Classical music, she is a keen proponent and ardent lover of Kannada devaranama (or devotional music), and has sung various rare devaranamas, exquisitely set to beautiful ragas by her guru Shri Tirumale Srinivas. She has performed with renowned artists, including the exemplary UK-based violinist Jyotsna Srikanth in the hit TV series "Just Sangeetha". Check out more for clips from her performances. Under the able guidance of her guru, she is now leading a music school Mahati Nada Kendra, with an aim to train and spread Kannada dasa sahitya in Southern California and beyond.

Endo Kelida Ondu Haadu

Lyrics: K. S. Narasimhaswamy

Music composition: Raksha Rao

This song is a special composition indicating the many moods of a man as he tries to convey his emotions for his lost love. The song starts with the raga Desh and switches to the melancholy strains of the Raga Marwah. The composition flows back and forth between the joyfulness of Desh and the haunted melody of Marwah.

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Nambide Ninna Naada Devathe

Movie: Sandhya Raga

Composer: G.K. Venkatesh

Original singer : S Janaki

Thunthuru Alli Neera Haadu

Movie: Amruthavarshini

Composer: Deva

Original Singer: K.S. Chitra


Naa Naguva Modalene

Movie : Manasare

Composer : Mano Murthy

Original Singer : Shreya Ghosha

Nadheem Dheem Tana

Movie : Gaalipata

Composer : V.Harikrishna

Original : Chitra

Raksha singing Panchamaveda at "Tribute to P B Srinivas" event organized by KCA-SC



Araluthiru Jeevada Geleya

Movie : Mungaru Male